HTU - Compact Ceiling Type Air Cleaning Unit

HTU - Compact Ceiling Type Air Cleaning Unit
Ambient air is traditionally used in shopping mall vents by mixing it with 20-25% air from outside. This method, which is used to increase efficiency, does not clean the air completely, and it releases viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in the air absorbed from the environment. The biggest damage that this system can do to the people in the shopping center is to mix the air breathed by the two people in the farthest point of the store. The air supplied by the person carrying the disease is absorbed and carrying the air containing the pathogen to the customer at a distant point.
Thanks to the HEPA filter in the HTU, it can hold 99.97% of the airborne pathogens that are absorbed from the environment and will be returned to the environment. In this way, people in the store will not mix the air they breathe and individuals who maintain their social distance will be protected against potential diseases.
H13 class HEPA filters have the capacity to hold 99.97% of even particles of 300 nanometers (0.00003 cm) in size. Most of the detected viruses, bacteria, and pathogens are larger than this and will be attached to the HEPA filter. Viruses and bacteria that will not find a host inside the HEPA filter will soon die.
Since HEPA filters hold even the smallest particles passing through them, they can catch dust particles in the air and become clogged early. To prevent this, the air passes through the G4 level dust collector filter before the air enters the HEPA filter. Thus, the life of your HEPA filter is extended.
Swirl diffusers, which you will frequently see in shopping malls, make it easier to deliver air to the environment. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, it easily adapts to the architecture of the building.
HTU can be easily adapted to your existing system. You can connect the other end of the flexible duct that you will connect to the flexible channel connection section on the back of the device to your system. Thus, you can filter the air you take from inside and return it to the environment.

G4 and HEPA filters in HTU can be easily replaced. It will be sufficient to disassemble your existing swirl diffuser and connect it to the system with flexible duct to assemble HTU which will fit perfectly into the existing ventilation system. By changing the filter every three months, access to safe and truly filtered air will be provided. The Kayı brand radial plug fan in it will serve you and your customer for a long time with a simple cleaning to be made during filter replacement times that will make you forget its existence.